Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big Turn out for the Mowry Bay Cruisers

On March 24, Tradewinds played host to the Mowry Bay Cruising Club, the second time. Where they started from out new home and went to Croco Caplin's marina in Slapdoogle

According to Manul and Tory it was the best attended cruise to date -- Yea!!!!!!!!

New Home for TYC

We are proud to announce the new home for Tradewinds Yacht Club and we couldn’t be happier in its location or who is our hostess.

Liv and Tasha set up on March 18th

M1sha Dallin has offered her land in Dex as the new site for the yacht club and it faces protected water to the south on the mainland which offers amazing opportunities both to racing and cursing. We are doubly excited because M1sha is such an important part of the Tradewinds family

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Long Awaited Flying Fizz 3.0 Released

Fizz 3 Presentation by Mothgirl Dibou

First fizz 3 race at WYC - Prestart

First fizz 3 race at WYC - Start - Takeshi Shnyder leading the pack

Massy Johin wins first Fizz 3 race

Mark this date, Friday March 13th, 2009, a date that will be important to history as on this date Mothgirl's Flying Fizz 3.0 was released to the public and most appropriately to the community of sailing racers that are the most active in SL at the moment -- our Japanese bothers and sisters. The boat was unveiled at Waypoint yacht Club.

Directly after Mothgirl Dibou's presentation (all in Japanese, boat builders sometimes turn out to have some hidden talents ) Taku Raymaker hosted the first Fizz 3 races.
Massy Johin confidently won race 1, beating the rising star of Fizzing for the last 2 months, Miwha Masala, on the line. Toraba Magic followed them at a short distance.

In race 2 Massy showed this first win was not just a lucky one and we may hear more from him: he decisively beat the fleet by more than a full minute. Miwha was 2nd again, Yuu Nakamichi 3rd.

Race results:

Race 1

Winner: Massy Johin! Race time: +00:13:19

Runner up: Miwha Masala Time Lost
#3 Toraba Magic! Race time: +00:13:40
#4: Odysseus Yiyuan! Race time: +00:15:06
#5: Takeshi Schnyder! Race time: +00:19:39

Takeshi Schnyder starts at time +00:00:15
Odysseus Yiyuan starts at time +00:00:22
Toraba Magic starts at time +00:00:31
Massy Johin starts at time +00:00:31

Race 2:

1: Massy Johin - +00:12:39

2: Miwha Masala - +00:13:48
3: Yuu Nakamichi - +00:13:50
4: Odysseus Yiyuan - +00:14:01
5: Toraba Magic - +00:14:33
6: Takeshi Schnyder - +00:16:18

Lap Times:
Odysseus Yiyuan-- lap 0: +00:00:14
Miwha Masala-- lap 0: +00:00:32
Takeshi Schnyder-- lap 0: +00:00:41
Yuu Nakamichi-- lap 0: +00:00:41
Toraba Magic-- lap 0: +00:01:04
Massy Johin-- lap 0: +00:01:23
Massy Johin-- lap 1: +00:12:39
Miwha Masala-- lap 1: +00:13:48
Yuu Nakamichi-- lap 1: +00:13:50

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Radio Controlled Boat Races

SophieLauren Allen and Manul Rotaru kicked off TYC's new RC (remote control) sailboat races March 2rd behind the clubhouse at the start line. The boats are yoy versions of a J class racer made by Jacqueline Trudeau are availabele for sale in the clubhouse. The races are just for fun and the boats are pretty easy to work