Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One small step for a woman . . . .

one giant leap for virtual world sailing. M1sha Dallin has opened the first representation of a yacht club in OSGrid by planting Tradewinds Yacht Club flag on her new sim. Tradewinds Yacht Club is proud to be represented here. Owen's sailboat can be obtained here on her sim ( M1 Frigate) to sail in OSGrid.

Press Release -- 2008 Boat Show

Announcing one of the most exciting events of the year:

The Annual TYC Boat Show featuring working sailboats from SL's most creative people, live demonstrations, nautical vendors, and special events. This is on scale and on mass with the annual hair show.

Runs December 1, 2008 through December 27th in the sim of Dears Garden

Updates on the show can be found at the shows's website:

This is a MAJOR SL event and will be hugely attended over the four weeks. The Tradewinds Yacht Club is again this years organizing group. Last year they successfully ran the first ever Boat Show strictly for working sailboats. "People were really surprised that Second Life had such an astounding array of talent just in sailboats and nautical accessories which would justify a Boat Show just for them," said Tasha Kostolany, commodore of the Tradewinds Yacht Club group and organizer the last two boat shows. "This is a huge event for a wide community of people in Second Life," she said. It always grows as the show progresses and at the end, it's a job to be able to squeeze everything in."

All of the major boat builders will be represented with their latest creations along with Special Exhibits scattered over the four weeks. The first of these exhibits is a true to scale recreation of a Grand Banks fishing schooner "Ernestina". A gorgeous black schooner 112 feet long with a 13 foot draft and 8,500 square feet of sail. The original was designed by George McClain of Gloucester who was one of the pioneer of designers for a new type of fishing schooner that gave fine lines offering extra speed to market for the best price and a deep, heavily ballasted hull for stability to withstand North Atlantic gales.

The in-world version is made by RJ Kikuchiyo, a master 3D modeler with 18 years of experience and two and a half of those years building in SecondLife. "This thing is in a class by itself," said Kostolany. "We've seen great sailboat builds before but this beats them all. The day I saw RJ's schooner was the day I decided another boat show was a must. When you step onto it, it's spooky how life-like it feels -- in a good way. People are going to love this."

The show will feature a whole range of fun things to see. Many of the items you can buy but not all, Kostolany added. "This is an opportunity to show off peoples own personal passions about sailing in Secondlife, and a lot of these people custom make things for themselves, or modify their boat without thought of trying to sell it. They also sometimes give it away for free"

What is the draw to sailing? Ravishal Bentham who originally broached the idea of a boat show to the Tradewinds Yacht Club last year said it's a way of life. "Sailing is a form of escape, relaxation, a slower, more pleasant way of living both here an in real life. The items shown not only portray artistry and craftsmanship, but they also evoke a certain lifestyle."

"This is the best chance to see the best boats all over sl on one place without teleporting around which takes forever," said SophieLauren Allen, who hosts Tradewinds new clubhouse in the Sea of Jazz sim. "You can find fair offers, high detailed products! meet the community, see what's possible to build in sl and get free test-rides."

Although the show is run and organized by Tradewinds, a well established SL Yacht Club. It would not have come off without the generosity of disisme Misfit, one of Tradewinds Race Directors, who donated the Dear Garden sim exclusively for the event. " SL sailing needs this," Misfit said. "After the depressive state of play pushed onto the community by the Lindens with the change on open sims effectively wiping out a lot of sailable water, SL sailing has been declining badly. I see a need to excite it again and this is the perfect opportunity to put some optimism into the entire community. We do it expecting to make a large financial loss . . .a very large loss but if it kicks starts sailing again, so be it" When asked if she thought this show would send a signal to Linden Labs she replied "perhaps the wrong one. They might see the community doing well or better than they think. This event is actually being held for the opposite reason - to try and reestablish the community into a positive growth situation, rather than a massive decline.

Kostolany confirmed this. "We recently lost our former home in Hukilau Ridge because of Linden Lab's change in open water sims making it financially infeasible. SL right now is experiencing a massive brain drain of talent. I'm not sure Linden Labs understands that, or even cares. There is a huge push by coders who have left SL to get the OSGrid (that open source 3d world) viable for sailing." Then she paused, "That's a good thing, I just don't want sailing to die in SL and if the Lindens don't either they better do something!"

That seems to have been the motivation for Misfit as well, "My personal market and customer base is holding strong so far," she said. "Business has never been better with my sailing line. But I see things on the water. Sever depletion of sims to sail on, old hands are leaving, and aren't being replaced by the new hands at anything like the same rate. To us, the people dedicating their time and resources into this show, it is our goal to build excitement, to rattle cages, to make people realize once again that SL Sailing is more than just water and boats, but the joy of sailing and camaraderie.




Friday, November 21, 2008

2008 TYC Boat Show


1) Intro
2 ) Show Catalogue
3) Special Patron Grant
4 ) ** Note to Commercial Vendors **
5) Model of Boat Show Marina
6) Early Registration
7) Who to Contact
8) Help Spread the Word

1) Intro

Welcome to the most Exciting Event of the Year. This is a MAJOR SL Event -- The Annual TYC Boat Show featuring working sailboats from SL's most creative people, live demonstrations, nautical vendors, special events.

Start Date: December (somewhere near the first of December - tba)
End Date: (to be determined)

* Show Features Working Sailboats

* Daily Feature Exhibits

* Live Public Demonstrations by Makers

No props, no houseboats -- although we love those too. We are focusing strictly on sailboats which actually sail in second life along with their accessories. If room permits then motor vessels may be displayed. This should be a MAJOR show and attraction to all sailboat lovers and could draw a large crowd.

Although exhibiting is free (NOTE -- commercial vendors see note below), there is a limited amount of space. We are asking that exhibitors make reservations so we can anticipate the needs. Once we know how many want to participate we can allocate spaces tent space. Reservations will be met first and anything open after that will be first come first serve

Tents will be available for accessory/apparel makers -- nautical clothing, nautical decorations, hud makers, useful scripts, yacht club organizations, etc etc

2 ) Show Catalogue
2008 will offer, for the first time, an official catalogue of all entries including pictures, specifications and prices. This will be published and available FREE to the entire SL community. You will want to be included in this special publication and if you're a boat lover it will be a MUST-HAVE for your table top reading.

3) Special Patron Grant
Deep grattitute goes to disisme Misfit for donating the sim for the show

4 ) ** Note to Commercial Vendors **
Because this show will cost us a great deal of money, we are asking those people that sell their boats and assessories to give us a commission split to help defray the costs. TYC has always been a big supporter to boat builders in the past and we have always worked hard to give the best and most fun show for all of you. We know the building community will get behind this effort to showcase boat builders and boat lovers alike.

5) Model of Boat Show Marina
As of 11/21/08 we have a scale model of the marina which can visited at the TYC Yacht Club

come on over to teh sea of Jazz and plan where you would like to exhibit your boat.

6) Early Registration
An attempt to fill exhibitor's request will be made in the order that reservations are made -- these are time stamped so REGISTER NOW. Although we try to fill request we can't guarantee it. Click the registration link under or go to

7) Who to Contact in World
Boat Show Committee

Tasha Kostolany, Committee Chair
disisme Misfit, Sim Patron
RJ Kikuchiyo
Liv Leigh
SophieLauren Allen
Armchair Binder
M1sha Dallin

8) Help Spread the Word
The Boat Shows Success is dependent on everyone helping out. Exhibitors to come, and Boat Lovers to spread the word. Place place these signs on your property where people you think would find helpful. Or make your own sign

Monday, November 10, 2008

News About Our Clubhouse

Hi Sailors:

As you may have discovered Tradewinds lost its home in Hukilau Ridge. The sole fault is in the capricious way Linden Labs chooses to conduct business. Their most recent changes to tier for watered sims creates an unbearable burden to an already fragile environment for private estates who are TRYING to contribute (very selflessly I might add) to the commons of open water for boating. Why LL choose to do this, I won’t speculate here, but I hold out hope that the very bright people at Linden Labs will realize sailable open water is essential to the health of the future to Second Life and that the prim and avatar limits they’ve imposing are unworkable.

Until they achieve this moment of clarity, Tradewinds is going to be moving to a temporary home.

We at Tradewinds wish to offer our deepest thanks to Kevin Ludwig and the Rosewood Estates for having supported us over these past months – he and all of Rosewood have been faithful friends and just underlines why they are such a great place to live.

We want to thank Surf for her film about the “last race”

And you might find interesting the article in the metaverse messenger

In the mean time we're going to work something out -- Liv will keep you posted

cheers everyone


Mothgirl gives sneak peak to Next Flying Fizz

Mothgirl Dibou gave a early demonstration for the next generation of the Flying Fizz 3.0 to some eager sailors at Waypoint Yacht Club. Liv was there to take some pictures and and she relays what some of the highlights we should be expecting.

There will be no more nrs but a hud with arrows on board for navigation. Telltales have been sewn to the sail which are scripted with several settings to give indication of proper sailing trimming.

The boat itself will run a little slower and won't plane in the water -- a more realistic speed and it will operate completely analog with different camera angles.

We'll give more informaton when Mothgirl gets closer to release.