Monday, November 10, 2008

News About Our Clubhouse

Hi Sailors:

As you may have discovered Tradewinds lost its home in Hukilau Ridge. The sole fault is in the capricious way Linden Labs chooses to conduct business. Their most recent changes to tier for watered sims creates an unbearable burden to an already fragile environment for private estates who are TRYING to contribute (very selflessly I might add) to the commons of open water for boating. Why LL choose to do this, I won’t speculate here, but I hold out hope that the very bright people at Linden Labs will realize sailable open water is essential to the health of the future to Second Life and that the prim and avatar limits they’ve imposing are unworkable.

Until they achieve this moment of clarity, Tradewinds is going to be moving to a temporary home.

We at Tradewinds wish to offer our deepest thanks to Kevin Ludwig and the Rosewood Estates for having supported us over these past months – he and all of Rosewood have been faithful friends and just underlines why they are such a great place to live.

We want to thank Surf for her film about the “last race”

And you might find interesting the article in the metaverse messenger

In the mean time we're going to work something out -- Liv will keep you posted

cheers everyone


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