Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Release of the VOJ 70 Volvo Ocean Raceboat from WildWind

Anouncing the release of the new VOJ 70 Volvo Ocean Raceboat from WildWind. You can see some of the details on the pics. The gennaker shape is in sculpted prims, the great hull and mast detailing from Corry Kamachi.

The boat is NOW AVAILABLE att eh TYC docks

Just like the RL one it has a rotating keel too, with 5 control ''lights'' at the back of the boat so you can see what position it is in.

Nice is also that it uses an autorezzer.. which makes you feel you step into the boat rather than on a poseball and wear it.

Scripting is smooth and it causes very little to no lag. The boat can be both hud- and gesture controlled.The windshadow system is similar to the WildWind AJ-C2, which was extensively tested by Disisme Misfit, Liv Leigh and several others.

Some Beta test pictures


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