Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nicholas Murdock's "The Pearl"

[18:16] Nicholas Murdock: Ok, first of all, thank-you very much for having me here. I started building ships in SL around 2006 I think. I was living on a yacht off a small island in SL and decided I'd like to try my hand at building a galleon. All coming from a mis-spent youth watching too many Errol Flynn films.

[18:18] Allie Tomsen: lol

[18:18] Nicholas Murdock: Abbetted by too many years as a swashbuckler in the SCA.

[18:18] GoSpeed Racer: not McHales Navy?
[18:18] Nicholas Murdock: Watched that too ;)
[18:18] Allie Tomsen: gilligan

[18:19] Nicholas Murdock: My earlier ships were a simpler galleon, a pirate Barq, and a large Spanish galleon with two full decks below the maindeck, and a two decks in the stern. then a couple of years ago, my wife was appearing at the World Science fiction convention in Annaheim.

[18:19] disisme Misfit: your wifes an alien???

[18:19] Nicholas Murdock: she's a fantasy novelist. We stayed one night at a friend's apt next to the Redondo Beach marina. There were a lot of trailers in the parking lot by the marina, and Felicia, our friend, said it must be a film shoot, that it was too much stuff for a video shoot. At supper, the waitress said to go around the back way, and we might see Johnny Depp, they were shooting Pirates 3 nearby. We walked around to the trailers, and saw a small crowd outside the fence near one trailer, where Depp was inside changing. We gave up waiting for him, walked around to the marina, and wow, there was the Black Perl silently gliding into the harbor. It was too dark to take photographs. The rear stern windows were lit up nicely, and then it did something no galleon should ever do. It stopped and backed up.

[18:23] Indigo Mertel: Indigo Mertel chuckles

[18:23] Nicholas Murdock shouts: It seems it's built on a barge. The masts end right past the mainsail spars, the rest being digitally put in.

[18:23] GoSpeed Racer: "It's only a model"

[18:23] Nicholas Murdock shouts: We all started yelling "beep beep beep" as it baked up.

[18:24] Nicholas Murdock shouts: We went back around to the trailers, and Johnny depp was at the fence now, trying to sign whatever people passed through the fence to him.

[18:24] disisme Misfit: so..of passed your wife?
[18:24] GoSpeed Racer laughs

[18:24] Nicholas Murdock shouts: That's a picture of him, I took with my wife's camera. you'll notice his beard is still braided, that was his real beard.

[18:25] Quirky Torok: im glad to see depp has troble rezzing too

[18:25] Nicholas Murdock shouts: So, after some pics of him, off to bed, hoping to catch some shots the next morning as it sailed off. We're awoken at dawn saying it was heading out of the harbor, and we jumped in the car and started stalking the Black Pearl. We followed it as it headed towards Palos Verdes. At the lighthouse, I walked down the path to a whale watching point, and finally saw it anchored back up the coast some. So we headed off, and finally found the location where it anchored. We topped the rise to the palisades, and looking down, was the Black Pearl.

[18:27] Nicholas Murdock shouts: That's a picture I took from the palisades.

[18:28] disisme Misfit: ooh....nice work for a barge, huh?
[18:28] Allie Tomsen: beautiful!

[18:28] Nicholas Murdock shouts: you'll see on the port side, a large opening with people standing in it. That's where the loaded the equipment and people through from the small tender boats. naturally, I eagerly watched the movie when it came out, trying to figure where in the movie they filmed this part.

[18:29] Nicholas Murdock shouts: Now the Flying Dutchman is on display now at Castaway Cay, the Disney owned island in the Bahamas. I have no idea what ever happened to the Pearl, or if it even still exists. So, that was my inspiration. It took me about a year to do this. Not because I’m such a stickler for detail, but because I'm a very lazy builder. : In addition, I work full time as a network manager for a major university, so my time was limited. : And of course, there were times I was just sick of looking at the damn thing :)

[18:31] Alisia Student: feels your pain

[18:31] Nicholas Murdock: For instance, I'm supposed to be building a Venetian galley for a neighbor, but it's also coming slowly. I hoped to get it ready for the opening of Pirates 3, but missed it naturally. I finally had to just say, ok, that's it, no more, package and sell the damned thing. I call it the Pearl, as it's inspired by the Disney Black Pearl, but a bit different to make Disney Lawyers Happy, the true pirates of the Caribbean ;)

[18:33] Allie Tomsen: hahaha
[18:33] disisme Misfit: :)))

[18:33] Nicholas Murdock shouts: It's 50 meters long from stern to bow, mainmast height of 68 meters, and 10 meter beam. It displaces 625 prims, not including cannons.
[18:34] Nicholas Murdock shouts: I included a complete set of firing cannons for every cannon port, large ones for the main gun deck, smaller ones for topside and in the stern cabin. The stern lanterns automatically light at night. I use a rezz faux to make it easy to automatically setup.

[18:34] Foo Foden shouts: how many wenches come with it???

[18:34] disisme Misfit: lmao BYO wench

[18:35] Nicholas Murdock shouts: Wenches not included, but I can give you some landmarks if you need to rent some ;)

[18:35] Foo Foden is shocked you can rent wenches in sl

[18:35] Nicholas Murdock shouts: During long sea voyages, entertainment is provided in the barrel in the hold every night but Thursday.
[18:35] Nicholas Murdock shouts: thursday is your night in the barrel ;)

[18:36] Nicholas Murdock shouts: So, that's the story of how I was inspired to build the Pearl. It was a lot of fun, a lot of cussing, but I'm pretty happy with the final result. Are there any questions?

[18:37] Tasha Kostolany: are these found textures Nich or have you doen your own work with those?

[18:37] Nicholas Murdock shouts: All the textures were bought at Textures R Us. The shredded sails I had commissioned. As well as commissioning the cannon script I use.

[18:38] Alisia Student: does it rez with furniture normally?

[18:38] Nicholas Murdock shouts: There's no furniture included with it, except for the ship parts you see : I designed it so there was lots of head room below deck and in the stern cabin, so your cam view wasn't blocked. All of my ships are live aboards, so I try to make sure there's room to put your furniture in it, etc. I've seen my ships used as people's homes, as rental units in a sea of sinking ships, and as, ummm, houses where you pay for interesting things done to you ;)

[18:40] Tasha Kostolany: lol
[18:41] Alisia Student: ;)
[18:41] Allie Tomsen: smiles innocently
[18:41] Foo Foden: i see you've done a lot of research.... how many times i wonder
[18:41] Nicholas Murdock shouts: needless to say, i was never offered a discount despite building their place of business ;)

[18:43] Tasha Kostolany: what else do you think you will be taking on besides a ship for your neighbor?

[18:43] Nicholas Murdock shouts: Well, I've also built a castle, which I live in and sell copies of. That's been the only building so far. Galveston has two sims here, and the bought one of my barqs to try to use as a replica of the Elissa, an 1870's iron barq restored and berthed at Galvesotn, TX. So I've been doing some design research and may try to build an actual copy of the Elissa.

[18:44] Tasha Kostolany: <-- seen that in person and been aboard -- it's pretty

[18:44] Nicholas Murdock shouts: Yes, I was just down there in Sept. the week of Hurrican Ike. We were renting a beach house that week, and awoke on Thursday at 7 am to find out we had 2 weeks to pack and evacuate the island. I've also been on the replica of the Golden Hinde when it was in Galveston, so that's also a possibility at some point. but after the Venetian galley, I'll probably start looking at the Elissa again seriously.
[18:47] Tasha Kostolany: thanks nich for talking to us tonight I really appreciate and loved your build

[18:47] disisme Misfit claps
[18:47] Nicholas Murdock: Thank-you very much for coming tonight :)
[18:47] Allie Tomsen: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[18:47] Tasha Kostolany: ㋡
[18:47] Alisia Student: ;)
[18:47] disisme Misfit: gret preso nick!
[18:47] Indigo Mertel: Indigo Mertel claps clap clap
[18:47] Foo Foden: cool build... have fun!
[18:47] Manul Rotaru: Thanks Nicholas!

[18:47] Nicholas Murdock: I'm offering the Pearl at a reduced price here for the show, and you can purchase from the vendor over there, with a cut going to the Show's cost.

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