Friday, December 12, 2008

TYC Boatshow Closes

We want to thank everyone who took part in the TYC 2008 Boat Show that ran from december 2nd through the 11th. It was a lot of fun putting on again this year and it was a tremendous amount of work -- but it was personally rewarding to us.

The show ended abruptly which is unfortunate but I think in the large scheme of things we had a little over a week run which was actually more than last year.

The show was in the sim donated
by disisme Misfity, she informed me (Tasha) December 12th that the gift was going to be withdrawn.

Personally I think it was a kick-ass boat show and the response from everyone but the smallest of a handful was nothing but overwhelmingly positive. The Tradewinds Yacht club have put two of these shows on now and the response from the public to this one was even greater than before. The boat builders made a great deal of money, and we couldn't be happier for them. I, Tasha, want to personally thank Liv who was one of our officers in this show and worked really hard in the background, RJ for all his help with the build and the preparations. Dis for her generous offer of a full sim (that isn't cheap) and who worked about as hard as I did helping people and being around during the show and the design of the marina. There was a couple of other people that deserve mentioning. Manul Rotaru put in countless hours working in the background for me advising on some of the lessor known boat builders and was continually submitting new ideas, he never wanted any recognition but as all of us in the boat world know, no one is more knowledgeable then he. Also Dildo Spitz's beautiful photography which can still be seen. I'm just amazed at her talent and I bow down to her in her art.

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