Sunday, June 7, 2009

Neron Blanco works with Scult Studio

June 5, 2009 Neron came by and showed me what he was working on

[8:14] Neron Blanco: i want to test a new hull, want to give me your opinion?
[8:14] Tasha Kostolany: would love to . . . . oh wow, that's cool

[8:14] Tasha Kostolany: have you been working with the kit?
[8:14] Neron Blanco: not much... i'm more learning to sculpt now
[8:14] Tasha Kostolany: what program are you using?
[8:15] Neron Blanco: i use sculpt studio
[8:15] Neron Blanco: in world
[8:16] Tasha Kostolany: yeah I see what your doing
[8:16] Tasha Kostolany: hey that's coming along
[8:16] Neron Blanco: what do you think? decent at least?
[8:17] Tasha Kostolany: absolutely very crisp lines in the cockpit cut
[8:17] Tasha Kostolany: and I see where the mast is going to go
[8:17] Neron Blanco: mhhh i must have done something wrong tho... it's not symmetrical

[8:17] Tasha Kostolany: are you modeling it off of anything or having fun with it from your imagination?
[8:18] Neron Blanco: imagination, based on a hinckley islander tho
[8:18] Tasha Kostolany: hmmmm the whole thing is not symmetrical?
[8:18] Neron Blanco: the deck
[8:19] Neron Blanco: see the lines have not same angles?
[8:19] Tasha Kostolany: ohhhh yeah

[8:19] Tasha Kostolany: talk to becca on that, is there a menu for symmetrical?
[8:20] Neron Blanco: well yes you can mirror half of the slice points
[8:20] Neron Blanco: that's what i did, but there's something not right anyway lol
[8:21] Tasha Kostolany: I see what you mean it seems to be pulled to the port side a little inside the hull?
[8:22] Tasha Kostolany: it looks really cute though
[8:22] Neron Blanco: thank you :-)

[8:25] Tasha Kostolany: is the sculpt studio fun to work with?
[8:26] Neron Blanco: it is, the new versions have many useful functions
[8:26] Tasha Kostolany: I'm really looking forward to getting it myself
[8:27] Tasha Kostolany: how long did it take you to get the boat to where it is now?
[8:27] Neron Blanco: but it needs practice and money to learn... i had to rent a little lot to work with it, but now i'm running out of cash lol
[8:27] Tasha Kostolany: !!!!!!!! work HERE
[8:27] Tasha Kostolany: no kidding
[8:27] Tasha Kostolany: we have space here I want people to feel welcome here
[8:27] Tasha Kostolany: we have a skybox set up
[8:27] Neron Blanco: oh wow!
[8:28] Tasha Kostolany: if you want to use the sculpt studio and don't want to be down at the water here
[8:29] Tasha Kostolany: Builders Skybox
[8:29] Tasha Kostolany: go for it
[8:29] Neron Blanco: awesome!

[8:30] Tasha Kostolany: yeah have at it!!!!! I want people to work here because it is encuraging to others
[8:30] Tasha Kostolany: and you guys can answer each others questions
[8:30] Tasha Kostolany: learn from each other
[8:31] Neron Blanco: i'm still at a very basic level, manul helped me alot
[8:31] Tasha Kostolany: Manul is working in the harbor all the time and I want that too

[8:31] Neron Blanco: i can show you how that tool works if you want
[8:32] Neron Blanco: it goes all by menu
[8:32] Neron Blanco: you click the base, select the type of slices and the number
[8:33] Neron Blanco: it's not hard to make a basic hull shape, it's hard to reach a realistic and cute one tho lol
[8:33] Tasha Kostolany: lol

[8:34] Tasha Kostolany: so Becca was saying you don;t have to use all 32 slices
[8:34] Neron Blanco: yes true
[8:34] Tasha Kostolany: and if you use less slices you get more points per slice?
[8:35] Neron Blanco: yes, so you can work on details better
[8:35] Tasha Kostolany: ok
[8:35] Neron Blanco: it's like blender in its philosophy
[8:35] Neron Blanco: imagine a cylinder
[8:35] Neron Blanco: 32 slices
[8:35] Neron Blanco: 32 points per slices
[8:36] Neron Blanco: 32x32
[8:36] Neron Blanco: 32x32 is the number of points, which can be distributed differently according on how many slices you use
[8:36] Neron Blanco: then you work mostly on selections of group of slices

[8:40] Tasha Kostolany: wow you used a smoothing button?
[8:40] Neron Blanco: it's a function that allows you to make convex/concave shapes
[8:40] Neron Blanco: on the group of slices you select
[8:40] Tasha Kostolany: so you first try to shape the slices in a general way before you work with the points in each slice?
[8:41] Neron Blanco: now i've selected from slice 1 to slice 13 and made a convex shape in that selection
[8:41] Neron Blanco: mhh yes that's my way to work, even if i've watched disisme working and she usually works on both slice and points at the same time
[8:42] Neron Blanco: i mean.. pro builders work in different ways lol
[8:42] Tasha Kostolany: right
[8:42] Tasha Kostolany: of course
[8:42] Tasha Kostolany: but this is how you do it
[8:43] Neron Blanco: when you want how the prim will look you can load a preview
[8:43] Neron Blanco: let me show you
[8:43] Tasha Kostolany: ok :)
[8:43] Tasha Kostolany: an inworld preview?
[8:43] Neron Blanco: no on a website
[8:44] Tasha Kostolany: oh ok
[8:44] Tasha Kostolany: what is this green thing?
[8:44] Neron Blanco: of course it's not exactly how it will look in SL
[8:44] Neron Blanco: but it's close
[8:44] Neron Blanco: the green thing is the "frame"

[8:45] Neron Blanco: it's basicly the prim that contains the sculpty, same overall dimensions
[8:45] Neron Blanco:
[8:46] Neron Blanco: you get that webpage where you can see a preview or download the sculpt map and the notecard that will allow you to save your work and rezz it again when you continue [once you get to the website you want to click "Sculptie Previewer" to see the previewed image]

8:46] Tasha Kostolany: so what does the frame do?
[8:46] Tasha Kostolany: like that's the limits of where it will go?
[8:46] Neron Blanco: yes
[8:46] Tasha Kostolany: ok
[8:46] Neron Blanco: a sculpty has a "collision box"
[8:47] Neron Blanco: are you watching the preview?

[8:52] Neron Blanco: no, i'll shape another slice then copy the shape in the old one
[8:53] Neron Blanco: using the b-spline function
[8:54] Neron Blanco: it's easy to make curves

[8:54] Tasha Kostolany: yeah!!!
[8:54] Neron Blanco: i move the anchor and all the points in the selection i made move to make a smooth curve :-)
[8:55] Neron Blanco: then mirror function,et voila!
[8:56] Tasha Kostolany: yeah I see what your doing
[8:56] Neron Blanco: now i close the slice
[8:56] Neron Blanco: save it
[8:56] Neron Blanco: and copy it to all the slices i want
[8:57] Tasha Kostolany: neat
[8:57] Neron Blanco: it's hard to get it at first... without viewing the preview you have to imagine how it works...

[8:59] Neron Blanco: once made the shape, i rez the frame again and load a preview

[8:59] Neron Blanco: and so on until you're happy and upload the sculpt map on SL for a real checking :-)

[8:59] Tasha Kostolany: so the fame is needed for preview?
[9:00] Neron Blanco: the frame is needed to load the sculpt map too
[9:00] Tasha Kostolany: I gotcha
[9:00] Neron Blanco: sculpt studio memorizes all the positions of the points in each slice
[9:00] Neron Blanco: and from those positions it draws the sculpt map
[9:00] Tasha Kostolany: that's cool
[9:01] Neron Blanco: so the frame is the area where sculpt studio checks the positions
[9:01] Neron Blanco: if you make it bigger than needed, the sculpt will come out smaller
[9:01] Tasha Kostolany: yeah I see
[9:02] Tasha Kostolany: your talking about the frame in relation to the slices?
[9:02] Neron Blanco: if some slice is out of the frame, those slices will be not noticed
[9:02] Neron Blanco: yes
[9:02] Neron Blanco: if i use a frame like this one

[9:02] Neron Blanco: all the lower part will appear flat
[9:03] Neron Blanco: cause the tool doesn't loads the points out of the frame

[9:04] Neron Blanco: and you need to load the frame only when you're done and need to see the preview or load the sculpt map

[9:04] Tasha Kostolany: you can stretch the sculptie right? but maybe how far you can stretch might be limted
[9:05] Neron Blanco: mhh well the slices have the usual 10x10x10 limit
[9:05] Neron Blanco: the frame too
[9:05] Tasha Kostolany: oh ok
[9:05] Neron Blanco: but by example
[9:05] Neron Blanco: if you need to make a very thin rope
[9:05] Neron Blanco: you can make simply a pole
[9:05] Neron Blanco: and make the frame way bigger than the slices
[9:05] Tasha Kostolany: I gotcha
[9:05] Neron Blanco: so that pole will look thin
[9:06] Tasha Kostolany: can you rezz your boat hull now

[9:09] Neron Blanco: dragging the notecard in the base of the tool allows you to rez your work
[9:09] Tasha Kostolany: wow
[9:10] Neron Blanco: it takes a while tho
[9:10] Neron Blanco: a long while lol

[9:11] Tasha Kostolany: oh ok so this is a little differnt than how Becca had hers you have tilted the slices more and shaped the slices maybe that helps with positioning the points on the slices
[9:11] Neron Blanco: i've used the b-spline on the slices instead of on points
[9:12] Neron Blanco: a different b-spline anchor for each part of the hull
[9:12] Tasha Kostolany: ok and b-spline lets you do curves again?
[9:12] Neron Blanco: yep

[9:14] Tasha Kostolany: so these are the sclices for your boat?
[9:14] Neron Blanco: yes
[9:15] Neron Blanco: that hull you saw when we was on the beach is what comes out from these slices

[9:19] Tasha Kostolany: awwww so before was the boat stretched out lengthwise?
[9:19] Neron Blanco: yes that's a prim i've modified
[9:19] Neron Blanco: to keep the aspect ratio
[9:20] Neron Blanco: you need to use the same dimensions of the frame prim
[9:20] Tasha Kostolany: yeah to get it to match but the finished prodcut deosn't need to be the same deminetions, . . . or what do you think?
[9:21] Neron Blanco: it doesn't need to be the same dimension
[9:21] Tasha Kostolany: I suppose if you paint the texture the
paintjob would be altered or distorted if you stretched it
[9:21] Neron Blanco: but the proportions between x y and z axis must be the same
[9:21] Neron Blanco: think of it as a pole
[9:22] Neron Blanco: if you stretch the x axis
[9:22] Neron Blanco: it will be not a rounded pole anymore
[9:22] Tasha Kostolany: right

[9:23] Neron Blanco: i wish i could show you the menu
[9:23] Tasha Kostolany: I'm learning a lot from seeing how you guys do this
[9:23] Neron Blanco: give a look at the website
[9:23] Neron Blanco: there are many tutorials
[9:23] Tasha Kostolany: yeah give me that address
[9:23] Neron Blanco:
[9:24] Tasha Kostolany: thanks
[9:24] Neron Blanco:
[9:24] Tasha Kostolany: its cool he set it up as a wiki so others can help add stuff

[9:25] Tasha Kostolany: how long have you had scult studio?
[9:25] Neron Blanco: another sculpt too

l[9:25] Neron Blanco: it's similar and cheaper, but it has no documentation at all
[9:27] Misprint Thursday is Online
[9:27] Neron Blanco: ok, it's 1 million L$ for the show :-P
[9:28] Tasha Kostolany: LOL
[9:28] Tasha Kostolany: thanks neron
[9:28] Tasha Kostolany: let me capture the chat

[9:28] Tasha Kostolany: I am very serious about wanting you to work here
[9:29] Neron Blanco: oh wow, just make clear that i'm not a pro builder, that's just what i've learned in these days
[9:29] Tasha Kostolany: yes of course and THAT makes you all the better because your like "real people"
[9:30] Neron Blanco: since i got some not so kind comment on my previous hull i won't seem so arrogant to call myself a build teacher :-)

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