Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Manul Rotaru 3 Masted Longboat

Monday June 1, 2009, Manul shows up at Tradewinds and shows me the 3 boats he's working on. Of the three, his long boat is pretty new and hadn't seen -- this is amazing:

[12:32] Tasha Kostolany: LOVE the look on the long boat
[12:32] Tasha Kostolany: three sails?
[12:32] Manul Rotaru: ty :)
[12:32] Tasha Kostolany: do they all work?
[12:32] Manul Rotaru: yes
[12:32] Manul Rotaru: we can sail her shortly
[12:32] Manul Rotaru shouts: hop onboard ;)
[12:33] Tasha Kostolany: wow you are getting really good Manul at makeing boat hulls
[12:33] Manul Rotaru: ty, Tasha

[12:33] Tasha Kostolany: is this blender?
[12:33] Manul Rotaru: still all with Blender.. I was too busy and too lazy to start with Sculpt Studio ;)
[12:33] Tasha Kostolany: hey if it works for you no need to change
[12:34] Manul Rotaru: yeah, I have no hurry ... sooner or later I will look into sculpt studio
[12:35] Tasha Kostolany: Mothgirl said you could add satic crew poses
[12:35] Manul Rotaru: I can lower the mizzen lug
[12:35] Manul Rotaru: gennaker

[12:35] Longboat_1.44 whispers: Dropping gennaker...
[12:35] Manul Rotaru: moor
[12:35] Tasha Kostolany: wow this looks pretty good
[12:35] Manul Rotaru: yeah... these Longboat could need several crew poses
[12:36] Tasha Kostolany: so what is happening, have you doubled the main sail?
[12:36] Manul Rotaru: ok... the jib became the fore lug
[12:36] Manul Rotaru: the main became the main Lug
[12:36] Manul Rotaru: the gennaker became the mizzen lug
[12:37] Tasha Kostolany: ohhhh so you can only sail the mizzen down wind or can you adjust the settings to sail it any time?
[12:38] Manul Rotaru: here is one of the sites where you can see cool pics: http://www.acse.ie/gallery/index.php
[12:38] Manul Rotaru: I can use the mizzen upwind and on reaches also
[12:39] Manul Rotaru: I have adjusted the gennaker parameters in the notecard

[12:44] Manul Rotaru: I have to run now to Tory´s boat
[12:44] Tasha Kostolany: ok I'll add your pictures people will be interested in seeing how you added three masts
[12:45] Manul Rotaru: a work in progress.. a raw buildt.. many much more to work on this one ;)
[12:45] Manul Rotaru: yeah, sure, of course
[12:45] Tasha Kostolany: of course as are all the ones I have featured
[12:45] Tasha Kostolany: its all about encouraging others
[12:46] Manul Rotaru: this event is such a good idea, and the intention behind is just great :)
[12:47] Manul Rotaru: laters, Tasha

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