Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alan Beresford build for the boat show

On Saturday May 16th Allen contacted me that he had the prim portion of this build finished, or nearly finished for the Fiz Boat Builders contest. I don't want to discourage people because Alan is a professional modeler but I hope you get inspiration and excitement in seeing what other people are doing.

Just so you know, Alan did the prims for the Shelly Fizz

[9:24] Alan Beresford: for now its the final version
[9:24] Tasha Kostolany: wow
[9:24] Alan Beresford: even with other colors
[9:24] Tasha Kostolany: what sculpt program do you use?
[9:24] Alan Beresford: Sculpt Studio
[9:25] Alan Beresford: its an inworld tool
[9:25] Tasha Kostolany: right I looked at that pretty closely almost bought it
[9:25] Alan Beresford: its awesome and easy
[9:26] Tasha Kostolany: I was a little disappointed that the sculpt thing you work from doesn't look exactly like the finished product
[9:26] Alan Beresford: i think i can make the boat a bit wider
[9:26] Tasha Kostolany: sculpt studio I'm talking about
[9:27] Tasha Kostolany: at least that was my impression
[9:27] Alan Beresford: yap
[9:27] Tasha Kostolany: like how many uploads do you have to do on average to get what you want?
[9:28] Alan Beresford: hmm at the beginning of my sculpting work in Sl, 10 uploads per sculptie
[9:28] Tasha Kostolany: wow I like the thick mast
[9:28] Tasha Kostolany: that's about how it really is
[9:29] Alan Beresford: this boat is a Replica of the awesome WallyNano, in RL
[9:30] Tasha Kostolany: we'll have an inworld show in June
[9:30] Tasha Kostolany: and people can come and see it in person
[9:30] Alan Beresford: yes at the 15th?
[9:30] Tasha Kostolany: yeah roughly
[9:30] Alan Beresford: ok
[9:32] Alan Beresford: i like the clean design of the Wally Boats
[9:32] Tasha Kostolany: yeah have you ever been on one?
[9:32] Alan Beresford: no
[9:32] Alan Beresford: i know it only from the website
[9:35] Tasha Kostolany: are you sculpting the sails?
[9:35] Alan Beresford: yap, i must
[9:35] Alan Beresford: not yet
[9:35] Alan Beresford: that will be the hardest part
[9:36] Tasha Kostolany: is everything a sculpt? or almost everything?
[9:36] Alan Beresford: everything
[9:36] Alan Beresford: oh no, on normal prim
[9:36] Alan Beresford: moment i show you
[9:37] Alan Beresford: the pike at the front
[9:37] Alan Beresford: its for sailing with jib
[9:37] Alan Beresford: it will automatically come out if you sail with the jib
[9:37] Tasha Kostolany: right I read its a self taking jib so one person can sail her
[9:38] Alan Beresford: yes
[9:38] Alan Beresford: and we will make one place for a passenger
[9:39] Tasha Kostolany: yeah ok, the fizz script can handle up to 4
[9:39] Alan Beresford: ah
[9:39] Tasha Kostolany: but for every person you have to have a prim for them
[9:39] Alan Beresford: and the passenger will change the animations an positions
[9:40] Alan Beresford: yes
[9:40] Tasha Kostolany: so max prims if 4 people is 27
[9:40] Tasha Kostolany: you have 28
[9:40] Tasha Kostolany: so far
[9:40] Alan Beresford: haha+
[9:40] Alan Beresford: no
[9:40] Alan Beresford: this boat can have more
[9:40] Alan Beresford: for 4 persons you need 28 prims
[9:40] Tasha Kostolany: as an attachment?
[9:40] Alan Beresford: no
[9:41] Alan Beresford: i only will have two persons on this boat, not more
[9:41] Tasha Kostolany: 27 prims for boat + 4 prims for people = 32 prims max with no attachments
[9:41] Tasha Kostolany: so only 2 people means 32 prims max - 2 is 30 prims for boat
[9:42] Alan Beresford: yes
[9:42] Tasha Kostolany: the sails will be prims though
[9:42] Alan Beresford: yes
[9:42] Alan Beresford: i have 3 cubes in thy boat hull
[9:42] Alan Beresford: its for the sails
[9:42] Tasha Kostolany: awwww :)
[9:42] Alan Beresford: placeholder
[9:43] Tasha Kostolany: if you have a starboard sail and a port sail, I don't know
[9:43] Tasha Kostolany: not sure how that works
[9:43] Tasha Kostolany: :)
[9:44] Alan Beresford: it will be sculpted and the script will mirror the sail
[9:44] Alan Beresford: for both sides
[9:44] Tasha Kostolany: can I add our talk here -- some of it -- with our pictures?
[9:44] Alan Beresford: like in the fizz
[9:44] Tasha Kostolany: is that how it works?
[9:44] Tasha Kostolany: mirror
[9:44] Alan Beresford: yes, and sculptiechange
[9:45] Alan Beresford: i think
[9:45] Tasha Kostolany: does it flip the sculptie texture or use another prim and make the first invisible
[9:45] Alan Beresford: im not a scripter, that's my problem
[9:45] Alan Beresford: i can build but i must wait for scripters
[9:46] Alan Beresford: we will flip and mirror the sculptie sail
[9:46] Tasha Kostolany: neat
[9:46] Alan Beresford: i hope all that will work, haha
[9:46] Tasha Kostolany: I like how the mast has a slight bend backward
[9:47] Alan Beresford: yes
[9:47] Alan Beresford: this is the first final build, i think we will change something
[9:48] Alan Beresford: we can bake the textures in 3D studio max
[9:48] Tasha Kostolany: make it pretty in every way
[9:49] Alan Beresford: this boat will be a tribute to the real Wally boats if we finish it
[9:49] Tasha Kostolany: is 3d studio max easy to use you think?
[9:49] Alan Beresford: hmm better than Blender
[9:49] Alan Beresford: easier
[9:49] Tasha Kostolany: for textures on the sculpts?
[9:49] Alan Beresford: yes
[9:49] Tasha Kostolany: you have a background in working with 3-d modeling?
[9:50] Alan Beresford: we test a bit, and soon we can do awesome texture jobs
[9:50] Alan Beresford: yes, im a Product designer
[9:51] Alan Beresford: i work with some CAD Programs
[9:51] Tasha Kostolany: wow that's how you did this so fast
[9:51] Alan Beresford: hmm, maybe, if i have a awesome idea i must build it
[9:51] Tasha Kostolany: lol fantastic!!!
[9:52] Alan Beresford: and if the building flow comes over me im in trance
[9:52] Alan Beresford: its like a drug
[9:52] Alan Beresford: i must do it and i must make the next , and the next and the next
[9:52] Alan Beresford: hope you understand what i mean
[9:53] Tasha Kostolany: yes yes I totally understand
[9:53] Alan Beresford: its so cool to build thing in this awesome virtual world
[9:53] Tasha Kostolany: you are very rewarded in a happy feeling way about doing this kind of work
[9:53] Alan Beresford: yes
[9:54] Alan Beresford: its everytime the same, all my work
[9:54] Tasha Kostolany: :)
[9:54] Alan Beresford: i cant do custom work if i don't like the thing i must build
[9:55] Tasha Kostolany: yes
[9:55] Tasha Kostolany: I understand that feeling
[9:55] Tasha Kostolany: and if you like it you want to stay up all night working on it
[9:55] Alan Beresford: yes
[9:56] Tasha Kostolany: you might be able to do some of the scripting yourself, Mothgirl is dutch and I think there is a German version of instructions
[9:56] Alan Beresford: yes i know
[9:56] Tasha Kostolany: and its made for people that don;t do coding
[9:56] Alan Beresford: but i know, my scripter is an RL Sailor
[9:56] Tasha Kostolany: far out!!!
[9:56] Alan Beresford: he is very good i scripting
[9:56] Tasha Kostolany: I think your coder will like it
[9:57] Alan Beresford: but im not
[9:57] Tasha Kostolany: let me know what they think
[9:57] Alan Beresford: he likes it
[9:57] Tasha Kostolany: :)
[9:57] Alan Beresford: yesterday we bought the Kit
[9:57] Tasha Kostolany: fantastic
[9:57] Alan Beresford: and this boat will be the first we do

[9:59] Tasha Kostolany: I'll tell you when I have it on the web
[9:59] Tasha Kostolany: keep me informed on progress this is exciting
[10:00] Tasha Kostolany: ILOVE seeing other people make boats
[10:00] Alan Beresford: me too

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