Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nomad Zamani build for the Builders Show

On Wed May 27 Nomad Zamani sailed into Tradewinds aboard a log with a sail and he spoke about his submission to the Boat Builders how

[12:30] Nomad Zamani: Hi Tasha
[12:31] Tasha Kostolany: that's cute
[12:31] Nomad Zamani: That's the famous Log
[12:32] Nomad Zamani: got many entries for the DIY boat building competition?
[12:32] Tasha Kostolany: I did!!!
[12:32] [12:32] Tasha Kostolany: is it a fast log?
[12:32] Nomad Zamani: fairly
[12:32] Nomad Zamani: fast for RL, but probably a bit slow for SL does about 12kts in a 20kt wind,
[12:33] Tasha Kostolany: the log has a nice keel
[12:33] Nomad Zamani: I might make the stones a bit bigger
[12:34] Nomad Zamani: still messing with alignments and stuff
[12:34] Tasha Kostolany: Are you having fun with the fizz kit? Have you made many adjustments from the default?
[12:34] Nomad Zamani: oh yes - been waiting for it since the boat show last year
[12:35] Nomad Zamani: a few
[12:35] Nomad Zamani: this is single sail
[12:35] Nomad Zamani: and I change the behavior to give automated crew movement while keeping the sails manual
[12:35] Nomad Zamani: like a mix of novice and competition modes
[12:36] Nomad Zamani: I'm not doing dinghies, so no need for hiking and all that
[12:36] Nomad Zamani: and I like to sail in mouselook
[12:36] Tasha Kostolany: Does it ask you when you board it if you want novice, fun, competition etc still?
[12:36] Nomad Zamani: yes
[12:36] Nomad Zamani: well, novice or competition at the moment
[12:37] Tasha Kostolany: is it the default sails?
[12:37] Nomad Zamani: The Tako version got quite famous at NYC
[12:37] Nomad Zamani: default sail, but resized and repositioned
[12:38] Tasha Kostolany: cool
[12:38] Nomad Zamani: Still need to do the mainsheet
[12:38] Nomad Zamani: and the bow wake
[12:38] Tasha Kostolany: is that a matter of setting the particle spray?
[12:39] Nomad Zamani: you have to set the coords in a notecard
[12:39] Nomad Zamani: same as for the sail
[12:39] Tasha Kostolany: So how long did it take you to play around with the settings to kind of understand what you needed to do?
[12:40] Nomad Zamani: a day or two
[12:40] Tasha Kostolany: that's pretty good
[12:40] Nomad Zamani: I played with the first release at first, then I heard there was a v1.01
[12:40] Nomad Zamani: so I had a grasp of things when the second release came.
[12:41] Tasha Kostolany: just for other people's benefit, you think the average person could grasp this if they wanted to play with it?
[12:41] Tasha Kostolany: I mean the kit
[12:41] Nomad Zamani: I think it needs some experience with building
[12:41] Tasha Kostolany: right working with prims?
[12:41] Nomad Zamani: stuff like positioning the sails is quite fiddly
[12:41] Tasha Kostolany: gotcha
[12:42] Nomad Zamani: and you have to use the prescribed method
[12:42] Nomad Zamani: so, a beginner builder might struggle a bit
[12:42] Nomad Zamani: but someone with reasonable experience should manage
[12:42] Nomad Zamani: I had the basics worked out on the early release, which didn't have as much docs
[12:42] Tasha Kostolany: did you find it pretty clear in the documentation?
[12:43] Nomad Zamani: but the docs seem okay
[12:43] Nomad Zamani: but I'm not a novice builder, so it's hard to say how others would get along
[12:44] Tasha Kostolany: right
[12:44] Nomad Zamani: I build and script, so the interaction between the notecards and the rest of it was straightforward for the most part
[12:44] Nomad Zamani: I know what the notecards are being used for, in other words
[12:44] Tasha Kostolany: right
[12:44] Nomad Zamani: so, I understand the numbers
[12:45] Tasha Kostolany: yeah that was the hardest thing to get my head around -- regarding the numbers in the Moth's fizz 3 boat for modifying its skins but I finally got it
[12:45] Nomad Zamani: you mean the UUIDs for textures?
[12:46] Tasha Kostolany: I wish there was documentation in the notecards themselves that would be invisible to the script such as "//" [but maybe that would lag the boat]
[12:46] Tasha Kostolany: yeah
[12:46] Nomad Zamani: aye, the notecards are a bit terse, but the docs themselves cover most of what's in them
[12:46] Tasha Kostolany: right
[12:47] Tasha Kostolany: so its there you just have to read it
[12:47] Nomad Zamani: yeah, pretty much

[12:49] Tasha Kostolany: thanks Nomad for entering
[12:49] Tasha Kostolany: this is going to be a lot of fun
[12:49] Nomad Zamani: my pleasure
[12:49] Nomad Zamani: I really want to see this technology get used
[12:50] Tasha Kostolany: I do too!!!!!!!!! its the reason we're doing this
[12:50] Nomad Zamani: yep, I thought that
[12:50] Tasha Kostolany: and I think its approachable for the serious builder too
[12:50] Nomad Zamani: one of the things I'd like is for boats of all types to be able to shadow each other
[12:50] Tasha Kostolany: yep
[12:50] Tasha Kostolany: you saw the updates moth did to the tako 2.0 scrpt?
[12:51] Nomad Zamani: oh yes - I'd say that anyone who's managed a decent effort on the Tako 2.0 scripts will be okay with this
[12:51] Nomad Zamani: yeah, that was a good move
[12:51] Tasha Kostolany: she's amazing
[12:51] Nomad Zamani: as long as the established builders make use of them
[12:51] Tasha Kostolany: love her!!!!

[12:52] Nomad Zamani: oh, want to see the 10m keelboat?
[12:52] Tasha Kostolany: yeah!!!

[12:53] Nomad Zamani: that's a bit faster than the log
[12:54] Nomad Zamani: sculpty hull and keel
[12:54] Tasha Kostolany: what sculptie program are yo using?
[12:54] Nomad Zamani: Sculpt Studio
[12:54] Tasha Kostolany: wow
[12:54] Tasha Kostolany: and your thoughts on that?
[12:54] Nomad Zamani: good
[12:54] Nomad Zamani: very good
[12:54] Nomad Zamani: very usable
[12:55] Nomad Zamani: in-world tool means it's easier to see what you're doing in context
[12:55] Tasha Kostolany: are you using like osgrid to upload and test your sculptie textures before bring them into sl?
[12:55] Nomad Zamani: nah, can't be bothered running two clients
[12:56] Nomad Zamani: I was running a bunch of regions in OSG, but got bored with it
[12:56] Tasha Kostolany: what about how many attempts before you got kind of what you wanted?
[12:56] Nomad Zamani: depends on the sculpt
[12:56] Nomad Zamani: the hull was 10 or 11, but the keel was only 2 or 3
[12:56] Nomad Zamani: still have more to do on the hull
[12:56] Tasha Kostolany: :)
[12:57] Nomad Zamani: it takes less iterations as you get used to it
[12:57] Nomad Zamani: easier to predict what the end result will look like
[12:57] Tasha Kostolany: what about texturing it? what programs do you plan on using?
[12:57] Nomad Zamani: I'll probably leave it plain coloured, but with a menu for changing colour and shine
[12:58] Tasha Kostolany: awwww [Nomad clicks the boat and the hull changes to various color shades]
[12:58] Tasha Kostolany: that's not in the kit or is it?
[12:58] Nomad Zamani: No, I wrote that for a plane that I made
[12:58] Tasha Kostolany: cool ok
[12:58] Nomad Zamani: the log has it as well, for the burgee
[12:59] Tasha Kostolany: well this is neat!!!

[13:02] Tasha Kostolany: so the configuration between your keel boat and the log, are they about the same settings or are you going to make it work a lot differently?
[13:03] Nomad Zamani: The log is heavy with keel and hull weighing about the same
[13:03] Nomad Zamani: the keelboat is about the same weight, but goes faster
[13:03] Nomad Zamani: less drag, I think
[13:03] Tasha Kostolany: :)
[13:04] Nomad Zamani: the keelboat is similar speed-wise to the Tako

[13:04] Nomad Zamani: the plan is to do the log dead cheap to encourage people to try WWC boats with windshadow
[13:05] Nomad Zamani: the keelboat, hopefully, might become a popular casual racer
[13:05] Tasha Kostolany: oh like a fun shelly?
[13:05] Nomad Zamani: yes - a fun SHelly that can be sailed in mouselook
[13:05] Nomad Zamani: can't steer the Shelly in mouselook, which a show stopper for me

[13:06] Tasha Kostolany: well ok let me capture this and get it on the net
[13:06] Nomad Zamani: righto
[13:07] Nomad Zamani: seeya later :)

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